Independent proprietary algorithm
Outstanding specifications FAR, FRR, ERR
Highest speed of iris biometric identification

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    • Details: The information platform construction and application are important to the development of public security. It is essential to improve police working efficiency and lead to police reform...
    • Details: In 21st century, information technology has penetrated into every aspect of economic development and social life. Education for all, good quality education, individualized learning, life-long learning...concepts of such, have become...
    • Details: With the development of financial service, the need for personal identity authentication is increasing, different financial institutions take different identity authentication methods, such as passwords, fingerprints and IC cards...
    • Details: Prison is an important part of judicial organizations. Law enforcement work in prison is directly connected with long-term stability of a country. Door access control is especially crucial to the whole prison control system. With the...
    • Details: The 21st century is an informationalized century when information technology, bio-technology and new materials technology are main promoters of the world economy development. The progress of human society will heavily rely on...
    • Details: With economic reform and country opening up, living quality of citizens has greatly improved. Due to the opening up of exit-entry management policy, fugitives and suspects usually choose immigration to evade arrest. For now at exit-entry...澳门威尼斯人87087
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